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English listening online: http://www.elllo.org/  (recordings with transcripts and vocabulary notes)

Listen and Watch from BC: http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/listen-and-watch

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Real English ESL free videos and lessons: http://www.real-english.com/new-lessons.asp

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1.Academic English

Using English for Academic Purposes (UEfAP)


English for academic study http://www.englishforacademicstudy.com/student/index.php

2. Writing

General advice

BBC skillswise: http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/words/writing/

University of Richmond Writer’s web: http://writing2.richmond.edu/writing/wweb.html

The writing Handbook: http://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/

Writing Machine: http://www4.caes.hku.hk/writingmachine/

Purdue OWL: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/

Advice from university of Toronto: http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice

Academic Writer: http://vlc.polyu.edu.hk/academicwriter/

The Guardian style guide: http://www.guardian.co.uk/styleguide

Before writing

The process of writing : http://www.uefap.com/writing/process/procfram.htm

Getting started: http://writing2.richmond.edu/writing/wweb/started.html

Prewriting (Invention): http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/673/01/


Organising the essay: http://www.uefap.com/writing/organise/orgfram.htm

Purdue OWL: organizing your argument : http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/693/01/


From University of Richmond Writer’s web:http://writing2.richmond.edu/writing/wweb/intros.html

From virtual language centre, Hong Kong: http://vlc.polyu.edu.hk/academicwriter/Frames/framesIntroduction.htm


Introductions, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusions forAigument Papers:http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/724/01/

Introductions and Conclusions: http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/planning-and-organizing/intros-and-conclusions

Thesis Statement  tips can be found also in above web pages.


http://www.uefap.com/writing/parag/parafram.htm    writing module: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/llc/academic-writing/  effective paragraphs: http://writing2.richmond.edu/writing/wweb/paragrph.html   http://vlc.polyu.edu.hk/academicwriter/Frames/framesParagraphs.htm   Inside the paragraph: cohesion and topicalisation: …..Paragraphs and Paragraphing: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/606/01/  Using topic sentences: http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/planning-and-organizing/topic-sentences

Conclusions  ( referring above websites)

Sentences: Sentence fragments and complete sentence: http://writing2.richmond.edu/writing/wweb/fragment.html  Strategies for Variation: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/573/01/  Clear, Concise Sentences: http://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/ClearConciseSentences.html    Academic Phrasebank: http://www.phrasebank.manchester.ac.uk/

Connecting words and transition signals:

Connecting words: http://unilearning.uow.edu.au/effective/6c.html   transition signals: http://www.lc.unsw.edu.au/onlib/trans1.html 


Guide to punctuation: http://www.informatics.sussex.ac.uk/department/docs/punctuation/node00.html   Punctuation made simple: http://lilt.ilstu.edu/golson/punctuation/   Punctuation :http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/style-and-editing/punctuation  Names of Punctuation Marks:


Harvard system of referencing Guide: http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm  Plagiarism  and how to avoid it: http://www4.caes.hku.hk/plagiarism/   Verbs for referring to sources: http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/english-as-a-second-language/referring-to-sources  Worldcat: (find a book, click on Cite/Export then Harvard (or another style) and copy the reference: http://www.worldcat.org/    INTO harvard referencing presentation: https://portal.uea.ac.uk/courses/1/INTO-RC01-SEP08/content/_636544_1/dir_!48617276617264207265666572656e63696e67.zip/player.html

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《娈童之歌》又是一个背负过去的故事, 又是一个好人被亲骨肉背叛的故事…..童年的身份,记忆中的伤疤这的会随身一直跟着我们的….不是你就是他,或他们…….虽然我们自己需要向前看!!!!为什么要揭穿一个谎言去毁一个重新站起来的人呢?…如果在英国的Blackpool,那么我也很想去一趟~想起来一条评论 “脆弱的刚出”浴”的美少年总能引发女人的母性….” 说实话,我对传记类,和情节已经设计好的特殊场景等着主人公去克服 没有太多期望…..估计年龄到了,一直对温馨平静的生活剧比较有共鸣


In two weeks time, you start work proper 你就要正常生活了 so you need to experience as much as you can before then.   Of course, your history has to become second nature. 你的履历在脑袋里扎根so l’m going to be going over it and over it…………..you’ll be fine/are going to be fine.~~~~~~安慰套话

we have to keep looking forward, not back. Okay? 不要总想着过去 我们必须向前看

I took a 20 from your pocket, you mind? 你介意不?Blew it on the show.全糟蹋在一场秀上了—- save a couple for me, will you?不给我留点儿吗?None of your business……somebody trying to get back into the swing of things. 只是个想重返征途的孩子….what did he do? It’s none of your business, either. It’s what he’ doing now that’s important, the present, His past is moot,现在做的才是最重要的,过去不算什么…..

He just doesn’t go out, he doesn’t seem to have any friends. He’s making no attempt to get a job,and I’m just a bit worried he’s depressed, you know? 不想出门,没什么朋友,也不想找工作………

被打断之后重新回主题:you were saying……….

【点餐】Are you ready to order? 服务生第一句!Hang on Hang on. It’s all right—–或者Could you come back? 点菜太慢,希望服务生再回来…—-服务生[waitress] Have you decided?  I will have、、、、Don’t fucking laugh at me!!! 工作怎么样?????—-It’s been going really good/well. I feel like I’m getting the hang of things. 开始找到窍门(to succeed in learning how to do something after practising it。。。It means that you are still learning the ropes.That you are starting understand and do the (job, task, etc.) correctly.)—–Cool(挺好,正常)~~that’s the bonus.

It’s not all hard work all the time,不是很累的工作BTW, I want to pay for this…. no way—come on..let me, plz. I don’t know how to do wages.  I’m kind of homeless at the moment!

She went bananas. 她不正常!I don’t mean old. I mean grow up. I’m not trying to embarrassing you. ….I will take that smirk for acquiescence (对方傻笑)我就当你默认了啊!.  Give me a break.饶了我吧

I really despised you. 我真的鄙视你!!—NO,no 不是吧….let me explain.   I know it was not your fault. It was just shit that happens, right?But as a kid, the point of view you take is the one that’s given to you—-your mum?  And I just want to tell you that I’d like to 我就是想告诉你 corny, too many fucking years have gone by to ……..fuck, it’s so corny. 好俗啊 To what?  make up for lost time?补偿这么多年?  What  do you think ? I think It does sound fucking corny. 这才真他妈的俗气呢….I suppose 我像是—  but seriously, nothing would make me happier, son. 你才能让我最快乐 I really mean that.、

cancer? in her tit? How did you know? well, that’s where they get it, women.女人经常的癌症在那里….that’s vandalism. 你这是破坏公物!I’ll if I want. you won’t 你敢!Don’t threaten me. who the hell do you think you’re?  who’s the last time you had a bath? 你多久没洗澡了你? Scum is what you are. 你这个社会人渣!

老爸Terry的话~你应该出去体验下生活You should be out there getting a life.干一番事业Doing something 我没想指点你去做什么 只是… l’m not trying to tell you what to do我不喜欢看到你天天晚上 躺在这里无所事事。but l don’t like seeing you lying around night after night 傻逼儿子说的话: 你知道我要为这个付出多少代价吗? Have you any ideawhat this has cost me?爸 你竟然选禽兽都不选我! You choose a monster over me.那好 我要他痛苦Well, l hope he suffers.我要他被钉在十字架上! 你听到我说的不?l hope they crucify him! Do you hear me?我要他永世不得超生l hope he fucking rots!永世不得超生l hope he rots.

pass me that  ketchup, jack,do you mind(英式说法)?oh,  nothing like a bit of ketchup,  番茄酱最棒了 should’ve got coke. shit, I forgot. 忘拿可乐了… My mouth’s all try. 我嘴巴都干死了Why isn’t it dead? — it’s not far from it now. 快了

have a kip 英式非正式!To sleep的意思~~也有在外面不是自己的床睡觉/take a nap 小咪一会儿,睡午觉

l only bring it up to reassure you that your secret’s safe.l believe a man deserves a second chance.l also believe in his right to privacy.mum’s the word. ! 我坚信每个人都该有第二次机会还有他有权力保持隐私 so 会保守的你的秘密

You’re young. Plenty of time to sort yourself out and get your act together. 大把时间闯荡你的未来 I love you, Jack. You’re my greatest fucking achievement. 你是我的杰作!

【打电话询问病情】!where’s XXX? she rang in sick this morning. 打电话说请病假 all right, Michelle, I just heard you were sick. I hope you were not feeling too bad. just wondering….I can drop over after work if you want 下班顺便过去看你,It’s a cold, yeah? Love you.~~爱你(结尾)

【拍照用语】:got it?拍好了吗?  Give me a pout!!来,撅个嘴~How about that? 这个姿势怎么样?carry on, Keep going,keep going! 再来,继续继续!slutry!真淫荡~~slut-ry  you know what I mean. ——–

Have you slept with many blokes? a few, i dunno. I’ve never slept around. 我不爱乱搞.~All right! — what about you? 你呢? I ain’t slept with many girls.   ——--I’m in love with you. You beat me to it. Asshole.你逼我说的,坏蛋!I find hard to breathe, I ain’t see ya…. I’ll call you a taxi. 叫计程车! you beat me to it again.你又征服我了….

You can never ever do that.  knowledge is the issue. your safty is the issue. 只是安全是关键!!!

I ain’t 不是过生日的时候送生日礼物~~!说:It’s for the ones we missed. 给我们没在一起过的生日(艹,还有这个理由送礼物的) you’ve stayed over 3 times a week/ tonight? . 过夜  A rubber Johnnie 避孕套–what’s it for? 干吗用的 Are you stupid?  shagging women,if you don’t wear one, you get a sore on your dick. 你不带的话,你的XX就黏黏的

Weird. 不可思议!this morning he was alive. Now he is dead. just hard to make sense of it. 很难理解~ We should be part of it. we are so fucking delicate people 脆弱的人类 Die so easy 死真容易…….So we just take short cut. like loads of times.就是走个捷径,好几次了…There wasn’t there the last time. 上次不是这样 You’re fucking green. (看完鬼片,做完过山车,脸都吓变色了,哈哈哈 他们也用绿色)—-Don’t fucking touch me/laugh at me.

20 grand 20万英镑!! Don’t get me wrong.别误解我,没别的意思。

【结尾】现在每个人知道了Everyone knows now.我现在是孤身一人了l’m on me own now.我没办法再回去being that other person因为那个人已经死了because that other person is dead.你还记得你这样说过不?Remember you said that? Anyway,sorry I let you down,thank you for trying, Terry,I love you. ….Chris, l wanted to tell you the truth, mate. really did. I couldn’t don’t mean I lied to you. I hope you can understand that.And l hope that you know just how much you did for me.o l’m just gonna say goodbye now.You remember that girl? Remember we saved that girl, mate?

Help yourself 别客气~~~~ see myself out不用送了我自己走!—–suit yourself! 随便你!懒得管你      


男:mate~s/bloke~s/bastard/asshole/guy/man/cunt/little twat 笨猪 /idiot/ chap/dumbass/gentleman/ wanker 卑鄙的坏蛋/spastic 低能儿/ be retarded/thick/  — what’s up?  you both are you dumb? 你哑巴了吗/Scum 社会人渣/ don’t be pussy. 娘娘腔/ you fucking little cunt! 你个兔崽子!you cocksucker/motherfucker/….you   you psycho / pervert 神经病;变态  OH~ fucking moron 痴呆蠢货!/ nerd[美]书呆子蒙在电脑上,卑鄙的人

女:chick/sweetheart/young lady/oh dear

[复习]:!Cheers!Oi! (嘿)Jesus (Christ)…..fuck off! 滚开 Get off me! 放开我!Get away from me!离我远一点儿….get out!!出去 Leave me alone 别管我,别来烦我 what the hell was that? God damn it! HOLD ON!!! 坚持住! Hang on!!等着 …make it 做到了;活着了! Do you want to grab some food? I’m starving. 饿死了!You got a problem with that?Not at all– Happy with that?  well, I appreciate that. (此句话超级官方而且不屑帅气,谢谢哈)  sleep with/shag sb  嘿咻嘿咻!   i dunno./I’ve no idea. …….Say what? Forget it 算了吧… For fuck’s sake… I’m done with you. 玩完了!

What about? 想什么呢,关于什么的/ what’s it for? 干嘛用?作甚?/ What about you? 你呢/ How about you? How do you feel 你觉得怎么样?/

You’re fucking nuts. 你好呆啊! go/went nuts/crazy/bananas.不正常失控情绪 

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upstream to the high level~ Proactive主动的~ international/supra-national全球范围~~ scope/spectrum of ~ flexible/diverse~~ arrangement ~~~~are diversified 多样化的, procedures and methods~~ enrich/round out 丰满充实 scale up 尺度范围放大 from ~~~to~~~in light of /consistent with commitments~~; the prevailing structure 盛行的~~~;not yet in place不合适不当的= incomplete;drawing on 吸取借鉴the local knowledge and expertise of participants;there is no clear distinction between没有什么明确的界限;instructive有益有帮助的;indicative 象征指示性~~list;as a bonus not a burden~~~~~~; towards an integrated/mixed/hybrid approach/凡事综合疗效好; Aspects to watch for~~~~~; inconsistencies 矛盾~~~;Highly uncertain ~~inevitably affected by many intervening factors.

per se / in essence/ itself 本身本质上;  weigh on or be weighed掂量权衡;long-standing 长期长久的~~~~;there is no uniformly accepted definition of XXX~~~~~~; merits of 长处特点~ characteristics/nature of;the multifaceted/multiple/variety of/diversity of/plurality of merits/nature of participation多方面多种多样的; Both conceptual and practical~~理论和实践上 deficiency/dearth of 不足缺乏;universal definition~~~~~;It is notable that值得注意的是;only/Solely 单单只是唯一~~~~~;可能有希望要说—potentially~~;搞那么多理论现在最缺的是empirical evidence/practical experiences;in some respects/to some extent/degree从某种程度某些方面讲

beyond the scope of this article/////////be not intended to~~~~/本文不打算论述,超出本文内容(交待文章范围)conduct ~~~~文章要干什么evaluation/appraisal; take into account~~~~考虑什么进去;attain/reach/arrive at/ develop/ figure out 达到获得取得;perceptions观点看法;  vary/differ considerably/significantly 变化差异很大

公众参与只是一个symbolism,no force~~~~;”narrow and biased toward the side of proponents not opponents;

检验一种工具Quality of measure/instrument/mechanism/avenues方法途径/tools/的criteria———validity,reliability,usability可靠度,稳定度,实用度(Rowe, G., & Frewer, L. J. (2004)~~~好的步骤方法一般都说systematic,structured,detailed………vis-a-vis面对面的;相对于~~  As a consequence 结果 As a result,

In the case of—-至于…, 在……的情况下, 就…来说, 就……而言, 对……而言;In the first instance ===首先最初;  conflict/accusation职责不满~~~~~;compelling for citizens有说服力;令人信服/convincing

hinder/hamper 阻碍限制; variables 变数of context and mechanism……. that may impact on ~~~~~~~~~;compile/collect/aggregate 收集整理;in proportion to~~~~和能力和什么什么成比例相称;coincide(coincidence) with/consistence with 和什么什么同时怎么样一起怎么样

the pros and cons of the institutional arrangement;  types= institutional models~ 注意机构“institutional机制”这个词的用法legal and administrative arrangement;tailor 量身定做;be apt here适合的 be applicable 适不适用~~~ to the needs of / be adapted/ad hoc 为特殊环境特别用途临时设计的~~~~~fit for purpose;  先叙述然后说Using these points of reference, 参考这一点,~~~~~~~~~~~~~;the area(spatial)  and sector(sector-specific) projects; integral and interactive part of~~~~~; A SWOT analysis of ~~~~‘s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;in force for有效的;in addressing this issue/ highly crucial/contentious issue备受争议~~~~~;impetus/motives/incentives rationale 动机促进因素;invariably accompanied by 总是伴随着,替代always

the idealized framework…理想化的;More optimally =理想化地说(means in an optimal and most desirable way); Despite doing sth尽管~~/regardless of /irrespective of 不管不顾;on par with 平分秋色不分上下Balance~social and economic aspects; best practicable 最切实可行的; highly variable and incomplete;  As a rule of thumb, 凭经验但没理论依据—拇指规则,放之四海皆准;
An Allegory or a Fairy Tale? 寓言故事还是神话故事?Promise or Peril?希望还是个陷阱危险?empirical evidences/empirical observations 经验观察经验证据 ~~~~~~~~~~~rationales/justification/arguments/reasons 正当辩论理由;maintain/note/succinctly point out/illuminate/argue/ that指出表明认为说明阐述发表意见

In principle原则上讲/in practice 实践中;in this respect,在这个方面;in relation to/ regarding/ with respect to/some issues pertaining to;关于谈及;So far目前为止;Most commonly,很常见的;at the apex of 最尖最顶端 a decision-making hierarchy;


注意承上启下的代词和句子,避免重复,换个词句加以强调即可;每段都有明确的主题,和概括句,general summary大体讲,specific分点论述(论述加具体summary),1段是1段,不要杂糅多个中心思想;不是叫你玩创新,玩语言能力,玩复杂句子,玩深沉神秘,就是叫你简洁清晰的展示组织你读过的书和资料show the fruits of your research!;绝对要保持中立,用词谨慎别过激言论断章取义;

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academic speaking and academic writing for PGT students
Teacher is Tonny and another lady.

(week 3~week 5)
Tonny主要讲了intonation语调重音,抑扬顿挫,还有些象声词的用法,结合英国的culture,agree等或者you got a good point在非正式场合不一定就是赞同,有可能negative
Fight fisted=stingy小气  stunning美呆了,震翻了,的反义atrocious
How’re you doing? How’t going? 注意连读和语气
stingy-generous  mean-kind


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Punctuation Marks


apostrophe ( ’ ‘ )

brackets ( [ ], ( ), { }, ⟨ ⟩ ) 

colon ( : )

comma ( , )

dashes ( ‒, –, —, ― )

ellipsis ( …, … )

exclamation mark ( ! )

full stop/period ( . )

guillemets ( « » )

hyphen ( -, ‐ )

question mark ( ? )

quotation marks ( ‘ ’, “ ” )

semicolon ( ; )

slash/stroke ( / )

solidus ( ⁄ )

Word dividers

spaces ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) (␠) (␢) (␣)

interpunct ( · )

General typography

ampersand ( & )

at sign ( @ )

asterisk ( * )

backslash ( \ )

bullet ( • )

caret ( ^ )

copyright symbol ( © )

currency generic: ( ¤ )

specific: ( ₳, ฿, ₵, ¢, ₡, ₢, ₠, $, ₫, , ₯, €, ƒ, ₣, ₲, ₴, ₭, ℳ, ₥, ₦, ₧, ₱, ₰, £, ₨, ₪, ₸, ₮, ₩, ¥ )

daggers ( †, ‡ )

degree ( ° )

ditto mark ( 〃 )

inverted exclamation mark ( ¡ )

inverted question mark ( ¿ )

number sign/pound/hash ( # )

numero sign ( № )

ordinal indicator (º, ª)

percent (etc.) ( %, ‰, ‱ )

pilcrow ( ¶ )

prime ( ′ )

registered trademark ( ® )

section sign ( § )

service mark ( ℠ )

sound recording copyright symbol ( ℗ )

tilde ( ~ )

trademark ( ™ )

underscore/understrike ( _ )

vertical/broken bar, pipe (
, ¦ )

Uncommon typography

asterism ( ⁂ )

tee ( ⊤ )

falsum ( ⊥ )

index/fist ( ☞ )

therefore sign ( ∴ )

because sign ( ∵ )

interrobang ( ‽ )

irony & sarcasm punctuation ( ؟ )

lozenge ( ◊ )

reference mark ( ※ )

tie ( ⁀ )

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故意装听不见 答曰:you heard me.  Have you done that? You tell me.你说呢
Bite me.We’re done for the night.–bite me?—-It’s too much?—uh,a smidge.有一点儿—worked,fine,just a litte over- the -top.有点儿过
maybe it’s not the right time……Um.we could…oh,that’s okay,I can do it!
you want a deal? okay 你想跟我谈条件?
Do you have any idea how much prison time that carries?你知道这需要蹲几年牢吗?
so you’ll do something,I mean the tax……..Don’t worry,I am lying about that. 放心,我刚骗你的
Grace,I love you.I’ve loved you from the first moment I met you.Screw the rules.Screw the CBI.I need you.unless you stop me,I’m gonna kiss you now.
Jesus,He’s just messing with you.He is mean like that.come on他在捉弄你呢,他就是这样的人
Mr.Jane,I was just being briefed by one of your agents.
—-I hope they conducted themselves in a professional manner. 我希望他们表现的足够专业–thank you for everything.—do you mind a question?
I asked about you,what happened to your family,I’m very sorry.and I thought maybe it means you understand how it feels to lose somebody.was that your question?do you think they know how we feel?How sorry we are. How we wish things could be different?我们有多抱歉,多希望事情不会这样do you think they understand?你觉得他们能理解吗
Rigsby eats all the sausage again,I’ll be pissed.我就火大了

Don’t you dare say that.你还真敢说
Is this man on medication,perhaps?这个人是不是有毛病?

It was you that I was going to kill , you little slut.You’re totally wrong for him, yso little and bony
——well,she does have a damaged intensity that some people might find attractive.

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